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Opening Minds. Opening Avenues.

The world is shrinking fast into a global city where borders between different countries are losing their significance. Socio-cultural and educational exchange between students of different countries is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind Richmondd Global School has forged alliance with International educational institutes of U.K. and Australia. The fast changing curriculum in particular has been patterned and designed at an international level so that our children with cosmopolitan vision are able to encounter every challenge.

Richmondd has been a part of various International Projects since beginning:

Australian High Commission Project:   global partnership
Clean Up The World Campaign  
Being extremely environment friendly and ecologically conscious, the school is an active partner of this project aiming at preservation of the ecological balance of nature in today’s fast Tech World.
Tony Blair’s   global partnership
Face to Faith Foundation, UK in collaboration with British Council, India:
Tony Blair’s Face to Faith Foundation is working towards promoting respect and understanding between major religions to tackle global poverty and conflict. This foundation has recruited RGS as one of the ‘Face to Faith’ member schools.
                          VIDEO CONFERENCING
Richmondd Global School Students Interacting with Horris Hill School, U.K. through Video Conference  
Richmondd Global School (RGS), Paschim Vihar, New Delhi recently organised a Video Conference (VC) with Horris Hill School, U.K., in association with Tony Blair's Face to Faith Foundation, U.K. The students of age group 12-14 participated in the discussion that was based on the topic 'Malaria'. The VC set pace in no time and RGS students could be seen interacting confidently with U.K. team. They shared and exchanged lot of information about the causes, effects and prevention of Malaria. The students from Horris Hill School, U.K. were quite inquisitive to know the conditions prevailing in India related to malaria and the steps being taken by the government to eradicate the disease. RGS children enlightened them about the measures being taken against its spread and also the budget dedicated by the Indian Government towards its awareness and control. The video-conference was an enriching experience for RGS students and indeed enhanced their knowledge and the communication skills giving the young learners a confidence to speak about their concerns.
Pleckgate High School, UK:    
It is a collaborative effort with a progressive school through online links and informational exchange through video conferencing. Both schools are aiming to strengthen the strong belief for children to understand the importance of love and respect for themselves, people of every race, culture, and the natural world.
Nottingham Girls’ High School, UK :  
Nottingham & Richmondd became partners on 10th July 2014 to equip their students with the skills and qualifications to understand major global issues about environment through a video conference.
Ockendon Academy, Essex, U.K :    
Richmondd extended its hand to Ockendon students for an interactive session about the role of faith, values and beliefs on 15th July, 2014.
Modern American School of Egypt    
Okhtyka Gymnasium, Ukraine    
IIS 8 Marzo School, Italy    
In a video conference with the students of the above mentioned schools, our students exchanged ideas about the impact of civil rights on everyday life and also about the challenges being faced by some of civil rights in their own countries.
Essentials of Dialogue - Religion, Faith and Community with students from SMP Islam Al Azhar Kemandoran (Jakarta, Indonesia) Jumeirah College, Dubai (UAE) and IIS 8 Marzo, Italy. —