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Co-curricular Activities

Besides the academic curriculum, Richmondd Global School lays special emphasis on workshops and co-curricular activities. These not only help the students to recognize their creative potential but also bring out their talents and boost their confidence. By providing these creative outlets, we ensure that the children not only get theoretical knowledge, but also practical, skill-based experiences.

At Richmondd Global School, we strongly believe in learning by doing. To put this to practice, the academic curriculum is strongly supported by a host of activities which develop physical efficiency along with mental alertness, perseverance, team spirit, leadership, obedience and sporting spirit. The Time table is planned in a way that students get an opportunity to enjoy the various activities like: Gymnastics, Yoga & Meditation, Aerobics, Taekwondo, Skating, Archery, Horse Riding, Badminton, Cricket, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Art & Craft, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Western & Classical Dance and Computers. The School also runs RICHMONDD SPORTS ACADEMY in the evening for Archery, Skating and Taekwondo.